This would be more appropriately posted after the first of the year, but if I don't post it now, I'll forget about it.  In fact, even if I do post it now, I'll forget about it.  But maybe one of you will remember. 
Here's my question: do any of us want to get together for a pizza gathering sometime in January?  If so, will someone please remember to re-post this message then?  
Adam, I thought the deal was that you were going to call these meetings regularly.  The fact that you can't attend (or even want to) should not have caused you to ignore your obligations.
Actually, the real force behind this post is Craig Lyndes.  He's out there in Arizona again and thinking longingly about driving through ice and slush to the charming comfort of Zachary's replete with the scintillating company of a dozen or so propellor-heads.  So he got on my case to do something about it.
Craig, it pains me to remark that it is ca. 55 degrees and sunny here right now.  With global warming doing its stuff, you could have stayed right here and ridden that moty-sickle all winter.   (Yeah, right. Don't we all wish.)
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