We have some projectors that have a timer that causes them to request cleaning every thirty days. That's a real pain on ceiling mounted units that have to be removed for cleaning. However, we have opened some projectors after a few years of use to find them totally clogged with dust. This can get expensive when bulbs and LCD panels overheat. I wish the projectors were better designed for ease of cleaning.  We use regular camera lens cleaning supplies. I understand that some lens cleaning brushes contain Polonium 210, the same stuff that did in Litvinenko.  Bet it works great.
--Steve Barner

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Subject: cleaning projector lenses

Dear List:
Now that we have a number of projectors in the building, I have actually started to pay attention to maintenance. We have no current issue, but I foresee a day when I need to clean a lens. Most likely from dust accumulation than from anything else.
We have a number of projectors here and they all says something a bit different but it boils down to.
Deionized air
Lens cleaning paper
Dry soft cloth (for camera lenses)
Has anyone used anything else and had good luck, where does one get deionized air?

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