Hi Mike,
Thanks for the suggestions.  They will be helpful to us.

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A couple suggestions I learned when this happened at SB:

Don't forget to call the vendor and void the warranty (they will re-instate it if the systems are recovered).  Be sure to explain it to them and they will set it up (at least Gateway was super helpful).  If any of their call centers get wind of one of those serials they will log the caller's phone number and report it.  When we lost the lab, the intention of the students was to divvy up a couple to play games on and sell the rest on eBay.  The buyers might just make the call to upgrade the ram or something, you never know.

Start scanning through craigslist.com and ebay.com too, you might turn up something.

You also might want to consider putting out a mailing to all your parents and community members.  As surprising as it might seem, some parents wouldn't find it odd for their kid and friends to appear one day with multiple computers.  At least in our case the parents never put 2 and 2 together...  Check with the police on that one, they may not want you to send out any info?  We worked very closely with the SBPD and they were great.

Finally, if you have email accounts for your students, set up a filter to watch for some choice words.  The magic phrase that worked for us was "Lan Party" we found 1 email which led to another, which led to some logs of a home page, which led to etc... And before we knew it we were parked outside of a house ID-ing our gear.

Good luck,
Mike Vining, SB Network Services

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They likely have a CSSU barcode sticker on them for inventory.  We do have the serial numbers of the machines.


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Do you have any sort of identifying marker or tag on them?

On Dec 6, 2006, at 12:48 PM, Mike Kanfer wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Over night Monday to Tuesday morning, the Champlain Valley Union High
> School was broken into and had two laptop carts- including 12 Gateway,
> model M460 laptops in each- stolen.
> If you hear anything on the "street" about this, please give me a call
> at 879-5899 or Jeff Tobrocke at CVU a call at 482-7130.
> Thanks,
> Mike Kanfer
> Senior Network Administrator
> Chittenden South Supervisory Union
> 5420 Shelburne Road
> Shelburne, VT 05482
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Tommy J. Walz
Technology Coordinator
Barre Supervisory Union

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