I was afraid of how bad conditions would be heading into this weekend.
There was nothing this week, to make be believe that I would find
any good snow.   I was also afraid of another long lift line, like 
we had last week.

Saturday as we drove over the gap, we noticed the trees were covered with
a hint of winter.   We skied SBN on Saturday.   We started out skiing FIS,
we were shocked to fine a bit of POWDER.  It wasn't very deep, but it was
real natural powder.   It was deepest on skier's right.  

As the day went on, FIS returned to a skating rink.  The lines never got too
bad.   We got plenty of runs in.   My body told me that I had to get to bed

Sunday we went to SB South.  We went up to Heavens Gate and did laps on
Organ Grinder.   We skied till noon.   We were shot.  There was no more gas
in the tank.  The kids were all in pain from their new boots.
We packed up our gear and called it a weekend. 

This weekend, while we did not have much variety, it did wonders towards 
getting our ski legs back.   I am now sitting in my cubicle, feeling very
tired and content.   Looking foward to getting out again next week.

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