I wrote my graduate (American History) thesis on Robert Stafford in 1991. 

Mostly it was that time I had a job as a graduate student working for the UVM 
Library Special Collectons dept as Stafford had retired from the Senate and dontated his papers 
from his days as governor and senator to UVM. 

One of the big rooms upstairs at Waterman was full of boxes, each one filled with files. My job was 
to catalogue the i decided "why not get paid to do my research?" and used the stuff I 
read in the files for my thesis. The title was "the transformation of robert stafford."

I remember one thing from that project that relates to these pages...Stafford had been governor I 
believe in the 1950's when Killington got started. I recall he was instumental in getting it state 
support...there was some stuff in the archives about it...

He telephoned me after my thesis defense...I think we had sent him a copy. He was very 
gentlemanly and told me the substance of it was accurate. We talked about Middlebury College, as 
50 years seperated our graduating classes, and I was curious about his days...he told me some 
story about driving fast and hooting around Middlebury...

He was from Rutland... a WWII Navy vet and it seems, an honest and thoughtful person.

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