Something else real wacky was reported on TWC
yesterday.  It's summer in Australia, right?  At 38
degrees S latitude they had snow for Christmas. 
Enough to build snowmen and have snow ball fights.   
That equates to snow in Washington DC on June 25. 
Things are a wee bit screwed up, eh?  Jimski

--- Stuart Cole <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> August of this year, on just about the first day,
> started off a very cool phase. Beach days dropped to
> nil, pool use virtually ended. It rained a lot,
> there were a string of summer Nor'easters. This
> pattern stayed through September - no high school
> gatherings at the beach for my son that month. The
> cool phase's last blast was your mountain snow in
> October. By the 3rd week in November we were back to
> a very summer like pattern, i.e tranquil Bermuda
> high pressure set up. New England is famous for
> screwed up weather. I hear some of you. "This time
> its different!" "These are the End Days!" Its not
> different from years in the past, its not the
> apocalypse. If the late summer phase had happened in
> actual winter time, you would have had a kick butt
> snows. Posted to the left of my monitor is MT
> Washington photo of May 17, 2002 white like winter
> to below 3000 ft. That was one screwy year. They
> happen. Get with the phases! Great surf today..... 
> -  Stuart Cole        
> "I [we] may be going to hell in a bucket babe, but
> at least I'm enjoying the ride" - Grateful Dead

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