As if we weren't depressed enough already...this forecast is like salt in
the wound. 

I think we are going to have to lower our expectations of winter in order to
survive here. I think Justin is a great example of that. Just make the best
of what you have. You can have fun in just a patch of natural snow or on a
man-made white-ribbon, or even just hiking muddy wet trails for exercise. If
you got lemons...

They are opening up a new trail at Greek Peak this weekend. 2 good nights of
snowmaking should make for some decent skiing on saturday. I am very excited
about that. I can only take it a weekend at a time and sometimes a day at a
time in order to survive. At least I know I'll have one decent day of skiing
this week, and night skiing begins, so I can go torture myself on long slow
lift rides and short cruises on the white ribbon of death after work next
week if we get cold weather again. 

True we may have some bad moments, but hopefully there won't be as many as
we've seen. I just can't think it can get much worse.

Making Lemonade


On Thu, 28 Dec 2006 18:26:41 -0500, Scott Braaten <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>Just got back from a couple days in the Adirondacks...was severely
>disappointed with the last storm and am sorry for the poor forecast.  Will
>elaborate in the next day in the blog about why this happened but it doesn't
>really matter; it never really snowed except for some front end loaded wet
>snow followed by ice (4-5" of snow in the central 'Dacks, followed by many
>hours of 30F rain to start sagging the tree branches) and plain rain.
>That's not my concern.  Been looking over a lot of model data from the past
>24 hours and sweet jesus could we be in for some problems New Year's day.  A
>very strong high pressure to the north, light northerly surface winds with
>cold air drainage, and a very strong southerly wind flow between 4K-9K feet.
> Throw in a slow moving cut-off upper level low and we're looking at one
>heck of an ice storm.  We just cannot keep the mid-levels cold enough for
>snow this season but its the time of year when the surface temps are heading
>towards their coldest.  Either way, will have more tonight or tomorrow but
>right now I'm looking at what could be a fairly serious freezing rain storm
>Sunday night-early Tuesday time frame.  Saving grace here is the cold layer
>at the surface might be thick enough to allow rain to refreeze before
>contact with ground so it could just be a lot of sleet (ice pellets).
>Several reports the past couple storm systems of border-line significant
>icing following warming aloft from the Catskills to the NE Kingdom of
>VT...could it be a sign of things to come?  Will this winter never give us a
>break and once we *think* we are cold enough at the surface, throw
>curveballs with warming aloft?  Does ice make a good base?
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