Since Cochran's Ski Club was training slalom last night at Bolton, I
busted out of work a few minutes early and headed up to the hill to
try out my new Voelkl Racetigers.  They're freakin' sweet, almost
dangerously so.  With a 0 degree base bevel and 5 degree side bevel,
it doesn't take much to snap some ridiculously sharp and quick turns.
Add some speed and you had better watch out.

That doesn't mean that it made skiing the slalom course easy.  It's
been a number of years since I last attempted any real semblance of a
course, so it took a few runs before I was able to consistently finish
my runs without skiing out.  The nice thing about running gates is
that it can make even the smallest of hills a lot of fun to ski.  That
is, as long as your skis are well tuned.  Once the edge starts to
fade, it's time to spend some more time catching up with former fellow
coaches and parents of the kids you used to coach.

On somewhat of a side note to all you parents of skiers and future
parents of skiers.  If you want your kids to really enjoy skiing,
perhaps the best thing you can do for them is to tune their edges on a
regular basis--at least once a week.  It means an initial investment
in equipment and a continuing investment of time, but your kid will be
the luckiest and happiest kid on the hill.

--Matt K.

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