Wednesday, when Jon K., MPP, and I were up at Wolf Creek it was gray, and there were a couple false starts of snow.  As reported earlier, most of the snow was skied up, chunky, and somewhat (wind-?)crusty.  There was, however, deep, mostly untracked, settled powder in the trees out by the Horseshoe Bowl.  The runs were short, but steep and (for Mount Lemmon standards) deep.
Yesterday we tooled around Albuquerque town, where there was still snow left over from the previous storm.  In the evening it snowed somewhat, and it's been snowing all morning long today.  This storm has nixed our plans to head up to Santa Fe - too bad, b/c I'd be interested in checking out the ski conditions up there.  But, all the interstates and other highways are closed, so we're stuck in Albuquerque.  This is snowiest winter Jon can remember.  We'll be making snowmen with my niece and nephew later.
If the skiing skcus in Vermont, fly out here and check out Sandia Ridge!
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