You can take your friggin' Utah and stick it where the sun dont shine.

Reservations were open and available all weekend. I signed up for five
of them yesterday, joining a big, friendly, metamorphosing crew on
Quacky, Fall Line, Fall Line, Chute, Catamount-->LA. I know there will
be some doubters when I say that yesterday was among the Best of
Times, but the combination of deep, untracked snow and completely
reserved status on every upper mountain trail was worthy of one long
continuous giggle. Ripping through pillows of powder on Fall Line,
hitting some tree shots, arcing big phat turns on Chute, surfing
through the entirety of LA; what a fantastic blur it all was, with
~4000' of climbing amidst it all.

Noting only the Single would be open today, I attempted to outsmart
the system by parking at the Rat and doing laps on Slalom Hill. Run #1
was giggly-good again, some tracks but not too many. By Run #2, the
double was spinning. Damn! As I removed skins at the trail junction
atop Slalom Hill headwall, some f&^&%ing loser bowls into me, giving
me a big fat bearhug as he takes us both down. Neither of us was hurt,
but I gave him a tongue-thrashing. You can get hurt on Slalom Hill.

I decided to cash in a voucher now that both lifts were running. On
the main mountain things were getting tracked out and scratchy - not
bad but nothing like the reserved hillside of hours previous. Still, I
went sniffing for powder and found it without too much effort - just
check the reserved trails, specifically the one on skiers right. It
couldn't have supported the hordes, but it was more than adaquate to
make me happy.

All in all the two best days of the season so far, and both of the
faith-restoring variety.


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