Went up to jay on tuesday chasing the snow all the way from NH. Ben
Peters his brother and I were all headed up. We stopped by stowe but
there was a lot of rain there so we headed for jay. Stayed in Jay Camp
tues night. We got a late start wednesday and opted to skin instead of
buying tickets. The snow was fun on the poach trails but very bad on
the open trails.

We met up with 6 friends and stayed wednesday night at grandpa
grump's. Got an earlier (but not early) start on thursday. The snow
was a good consistency, heavy frozen wet snow below with 5 or 6" of
pow on top. The upper mountain glades were skiable the lower ones too
but those were sketchy. We poached all day there was really some
awesome stuff especially compared to the rest of new england. I mean I
have low standards too. We were really hitting a tihs load of rocks.
Two members of our group broke edges. Every few turns there was a rock
hit. Power lines were especially rocky.

I'm had opted to ski on an old pair of atomic powder pluses that are
from the early to mid 90's, which was I guess the first thing that
lead the the bad ending of the day. The large group had opted to work
out of the lodge not the cars (I always work out of my car). I had the
powder pluses but I hadn't skied them in 2 years so I wasn't sure if i
was going to want to ski them for long, so I carried my new Volkl
Karmas over to the lodge and left them on a rack for the day. They
were there at lunch but I was having fun on the atomics and didn't
feel like trashing the karmas so I left them. Came back at 4 and they
were gone, there wasn't too much question in my mind as to what
happened. Then I remembered that the day before I saw kids with twin
tips like mine stashing the individual skis in different places on the
tram side so this must be something of a large problem. I have
wondered if I was asking for it to leave them on the rack all day but
i was innocent and naive never having gear stolen before so I didn't
think about it much. After it happened it made perfect sense too. I am
somewhat sure jib skis are stolen most often. On the off chance anyone
sees them they were 03-04 volkl karmas 176cm with look p14 bindings
(blue). They have a scratch down the centerline of the topsheet under
the bindings too. Even though they are 04-05's i got them new so they
are in great shape. I don't have any hope of recovering them though. I
havn't reported it at all yet either I don't think that its going to
help at all. I am keeping my eye on ebay though. So that was the poor
ending to an otherwise awesome two days.

I am also now on the market for skis so if anyone has a good deal on
some dynastar inspireds, legend 8800's or pros. Or a good deal on some
Volkl karmas or gotmas backchannel me.

Get up to jay there are trees to be skied and the poaching is great.
Just keep the spare skis in the car and lock yours up at lunch, i know
my innocence is shattered.

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