Now that you mention it this weather pattern is a bit
of a pain.  We got a whoppin megaton of snow this AM. 
Probably a good three to four inches at my house. 
Actually got out the snow blower to move a big pile in
my driveway I had shoveled up.  Methinks I shall take
a journey to Gore Mt. tomorrow.  It really can't be
any worse than Whiteface.  I probably just jinxed

 Yesterday I went to the Face.  I usually think others
are a bit over board in labeling it "Iceface".  Most
of the time in the worse case I consider it more like
porous very hard frozen granular.  The difference is I
can usually get an edge to hold if I really try hard. 
Yesterday furgedit.  It was solid ice hockey rink,
bobsled run caliber ice.  I don't think the insurgents
in Iraq could budge it with and IED.  What wasn't ice
was ground down to dirt/gravel base.  There were no
trails or woods even marginally poachable.  There were
guns blowing everywhere but it was like trying to
fight a brush/forest fire in California with a garden
hose.  The three blacks that were open were Northway,
Essex and Approach to Mt. Run.  They were pure
survival skiing just trying to hold a traverse from
one side to the other and turn just before hitting the
trees/snowmaking system.  Follies to Perons was pretty
much the same but a little more edgeable.  The new cut
over from Perons to lower Cloudspin was open with guns
blasting.  It looked great.  Two or three turns in
soft mm pow and then "wonk"---core shot.  Lower
Cloudspin was awesome in the guns---for a while.  A
run after lunch found it scraped down to gravel and
dirt around all the moguls.  The slider density on any
given trail was very tight and very scary.  Users from
every level were everywhere.  Racer types ripping
solid ice weaving through a maze of stem christie
beginners.  People down and sliding everywhere.  If
you tried to miss a person you hit an obstacle or spot
you really didn't want to ski over.  If you tried to
miss the bad spot you would likely hit another slider.
 At 1:30 with plenty of legs left I booked and headed
straight to the shop with my Volants.  I will probably
bring two pair to Gore tomorrow favoring the older
cheaper Elans but I will definitely leave the better
ones locked in the car after reading Allen's post on
his Jay experience.  The plows just went by again for
the second time today.  Gotta go shovel again.   

--- Skip King <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> At 05:58 PM 12/29/2006,  James Dugan wrote:
> >
> >Check out New Years day.  Check out the
> temperatures
> >all next week.  Check out next Sat and Sun (6th and
> >7th.)
> WTF.... A freakin' ACHES AND PAIN INDEX?
> Sheesh.  What's next - a Seasonal Angst Index? (hint
> to - 
> skivittles should be one of your 'measureables' in
> creating same).

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