Thanks for the pix and report.  I will set my alarm
clock to get me there early.  Ski hard and ski through
lunch and see what happens.  It would be a first if I
got home from Gore before sunset at this time of the
year.  The pass is paid for and the wife's car gets
almost 40 mpg and peanut butter is cheap.  BTW, is
that brownish tint to the snow in a couple of your
shots, especially the one of your dad, what I think it
is?  IE, is the base a bit thin?   Jimski
--- Scott Braaten <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> All in all, a good time regardless of what was open.
>  Go in with low
> expectations and you never know what you might find.
>  No liftlines at all,
> but high trail density that came in waves.  If you
> stood and waited a couple
> minutes, the wave of humanity would pass and leave a
> sunny, snow-filled
> Adirondack trail just begging to be ripped.

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