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>Thanks for the pix and report.  I will set my alarm
>clock to get me there early.  Ski hard and ski through
>lunch and see what happens.  It would be a first if I
>got home from Gore before sunset at this time of the
>year.  The pass is paid for and the wife's car gets
>almost 40 mpg and peanut butter is cheap.  BTW, is
>that brownish tint to the snow in a couple of your
>shots, especially the one of your dad, what I think it
>is?  IE, is the base a bit thin?   Jimski

Jim...that's the bottom of Quicksilver and it was brown snow.  A mix of 
dirt, snow, small rocks, and oher debris.  Got skied off by the masses 
quickly and they were making snow on the whole trail except that 
one "crux."  I'm sure they've improved it since then.  It didn't look like 
that in the morning but yes, it was "dirty snow."


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