I re read his post.  What he is saying is that Western
skiers whine and cry and tell us how terrible it is if
they don't get at least two feet of fresh powder every
time they go out. It does get kind of annoying after a
while.  I don't see how you come up with all the other
stuff you refer to. What he probably should have said
it "some" Western skiers but I can't put words in his

A perfect example of this is a trip my friend took to
Whistler a couple of years ago.  It was an off year
but everything was covered and my friend said he has
never seen anything that good in his life.  All he
heard the whole trip was how terrible the conditions
were from all the locals.  From his view point the
conditions were better than anything he has ever
experienced and anything that could almost ever happen
in the East.  That's all.  No reason to get huffy or
take offense that I can see.   Jimski

--- Marc Guido <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Allen Taylor mused:
> > Some people may disagree with me but i think that
> western 
> > skiers ate completely and utterly spoiled. 
> And some people may disagree with me but as an
> ex-pat I think that Eastern
> skiers are completely and utterly masochistic.
> Of course, I don't (well, maybe at times like these
> I do), but my hyperbole
> makes about as much sense as yours. Are you implying
> that skiing blue ice at
> -35F makes you a better skier? To quote Skip, "Mef."
> If enjoying soft snow at 25F under sunny skies 20
> minutes from home makes me
> spoiled, then I'm a proud princess. Sorry, Allen,
> but I have absolutely zero
> desire to return to false hopes, freezing my arse
> off, enduring blistering
> winds behind each and every major storm, listening
> to pelting rain on the
> window in January, and driving hours to ski from the
> nearest place that I
> can actually make a living. If you somehow think
> that makes you more
> hardcore, knock yourself out.

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