Wes wrote:
“Mansfield could not have been better.“

Then Jumping Jimmy wrote:
“how was the line for the single today? one hour, or two?”
“1940's bannana mover” (sic)
“duct-taped ski freak masses”

Then Scott wrote:
“You are plaid-green with envy.”

Jim B.’s grabbin’ some popcorn.  This one’s going to be fun and painful to
watch, all at the same time (much like my ski day today).

The fun was the powder off the double as I descended with the duct-taped
hordes when it opened at 10:30, and the excellent conditions all over Mt.
Stark.  The pain was my alpine boot toe torture devices, which may have
eaten my left big toe’s nail today.  Ouch.

Hooray for winter indeed, and for friendships.

-Jim B.

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