The views were great.
Snowed 4-5" then a lot of freezing rain at mid-mtn had the branches leaning
This is the first Holiday period I can remember skiing at Gore without the
summit/Straightbrook quad open.  They weren't even making snow on trails up
there, only on Pine Knot to get down to the Topridge Chair.  Dampens the mood.
Speaking of Pine Knot, it was skiing nicely first thing in the morning, as
were all the other trails.  Around 11am the place swelled with people until
2pm.  Here's what the place looked like in the morning.
Pine Knot:
At the top of the Gondola, family and friends skate off to start a new run:

Quicksilver was skiing very, very nicely with lots of the best man-made snow
I've seen in a while.  This stuff was light, chalky powder.  The masses
skied it into a nice bump run in the afternoon.
Top of quicksilver:
The new snow added a fresh breath of winter.

Then the people showed up.  Patrol got busy.
Note guy sliding on his side with skis up into the Patrol blockade...about
to take out the patroller standing on the right.  Oh, it got interesting in
the afternoon:

But we made the best of it.  Dan, a family friend but really a little
brother to me, my dad, and myself braved the crowds and had fun with the
human slalom.
And Dad:

All in all, a good time regardless of what was open.  Go in with low
expectations and you never know what you might find.  No liftlines at all,
but high trail density that came in waves.  If you stood and waited a couple
minutes, the wave of humanity would pass and leave a sunny, snow-filled
Adirondack trail just begging to be ripped.


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