Yo officers
I agree; we should meet. My schedule is wide open except on Tuesday from
5-6:30pm as I am covering one of Chris Skalka's classes. Other than
that, whenever works for you guys will work for me. Just pick a time and
let me know.

Joshua L. Payne
The University of Vermont
Department of Computer Science
Votey 347
Burlington, VT 05401

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Subject: CSSA Officers' Meeting


I feel comfortable saying last semester was a total success. While about

90% of club activities were dubbed "movie nights", the main focus of 
these events was clearly the discussions preceding each movie. Many 
thanks to all who spoke and were involved, primarily Gary Johnson who is

the driving force behind the new direction for the movie night program. 
We should have a meeting to discuss this semester's activities. I am 
going to try and find out where our budget stands and how on target we 
are. The financial systems for clubs like ours does not make information

readily available, and this is a challenge. In the future we probably 
should make an effort to track expenses carefully ourselves.

What time next week would be good for all of you for a meeting? 
Wednesday evenings have been the norm in the past, and that is fine with

me. If that doesn't work or is inconvenient for someone, I am open 
evenings all week and even some mornings. Let me know what your 
schedules are.

Thank you,
Eric Silverberg
CSSA President
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