On Tue, Jan 09, 2007 at 12:12:30PM -0500, Michael J. Rosen wrote:
> I had one minor thought about "what to do for now": there are many  
> very basic areas of knowledge related to global warming, alternative  
> energy, hybrid cars, the pros and cons of biodiesel, how water pumps  
> work etc etc that we should all be up on. What if we came up with a  
> list asked each member to take on one topic and be prepared to talk  
> for ten minutes on it at an upcoming meeting?
> Mike

Hi Mike and all EWB,

I have been lurking on the list for a little while now and am really
impressed by your positivism and energy. Congratulations on national
recognition! I very interested in your efforts and look forward to
seeing what projects you will be working on.

I am also interested in ways UVM EWB might work with other student
organizations on campus. Specifically, I am leading an effort to start
a new SGA group called the Alternative Energy Racing Organization
(AERO) which will be building a race car to compete in the
Formula-Hybrid ( competition in 2008
Spring. However, we have drafted our charter for a much broader agenda
than just a race car, and aim to do anything we might, as it says in
our constitution, ``to mitigate the negative effects of a petroleum
economy on our world.''

That said, I am very interested in developing outreach programs and
services to raise awareness about global warming. Some ideas I have

  * Maintaining a public wiki on technical issues related to
    alt-energy. We are technical people at a `green university' that
    should be sharing our expertise! 
  * Sponsoring community awareness programs (eg: a float the Mardi
    Gras parade, efficiency drives with compact fluorescent lightbulbs,
  * Create a lobbying organization with goals such as converting the
    fleet of state vehicles to hybrid technology or working to
    legislate C02 reductions.
I look forward to any possible joint efforts EWB and AERO might

Cheers, Andrew 

Andrew Laing <[log in to unmask]>