Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your great letter!  I'm waiting for folks to return from 
break, and imagine you'll hear from them soon.

Meanwhile, I seem to recall there's a School of Engineering seminar 
coming up (this Friday afternoon?), that AERO is involved with?  If so, 
feel free to post the details here.  The more we learn, the better.



Andrew Laing wrote:

> Hi Mike and all EWB,
> I have been lurking on the list for a little while now and am really
> impressed by your positivism and energy. Congratulations on national
> recognition! I very interested in your efforts and look forward to
> seeing what projects you will be working on.
> I am also interested in ways UVM EWB might work with other student
> organizations on campus. Specifically, I am leading an effort to start
> a new SGA group called the Alternative Energy Racing Organization
> (AERO) which will be building a race car to compete in the
> Formula-Hybrid ( competition in 2008
> Spring. However, we have drafted our charter for a much broader agenda
> than just a race car, and aim to do anything we might, as it says in
> our constitution, ``to mitigate the negative effects of a petroleum
> economy on our world.''
> That said, I am very interested in developing outreach programs and
> services to raise awareness about global warming. Some ideas I have
> had:
>   * Maintaining a public wiki on technical issues related to
>     alt-energy. We are technical people at a `green university' that
>     should be sharing our expertise! 
>   * Sponsoring community awareness programs (eg: a float the Mardi
>     Gras parade, efficiency drives with compact fluorescent lightbulbs,
>     etc.).
>   * Create a lobbying organization with goals such as converting the
>     fleet of state vehicles to hybrid technology or working to
>     legislate C02 reductions.
> I look forward to any possible joint efforts EWB and AERO might
> pursue. 
> Cheers, Andrew 
> --
> Andrew Laing <[log in to unmask]>