Hi Everyone!!!

Let's this list of questions started!!!

1-Who is the person that we will coordinate with from the Wisconsin's  
Medicine School? His/Her contact info-Workphone, Cellphone, email...

2-Is he/she able to talk with us like for 15-20 minutes the next week  
to answer questions related to the area-not technical questions-but  
more questions related to what a person that wants to go and visit  
Nicaragua would like to know...

3- In the technical it possible to have a local Civil  
Engineer at least from the University of Managua to be a partner in  
this project? I think there are many people that would be willing to  
do it if the cost of transportation or things like that are covered in  
some way...

4- Do we have contact with the authorities of the town we are going to  
go? the major? for example... we have some questions!!!:)

Have a Nice Week!!!

Gabriela Garay
CS Graduate Student Senator
CSSA Secretary
SWE Membership Chair