Hi everyone,

   I will start a short list of possible questions to ask Kristin when  
we make a conference call next Wednesday.  I have emailed her and I am  
waiting on a response for the time and I will let you know as soon as  
possible.  Please feel free to add as many questions as you would like  
and critique previously stated questions:
  - Aside from the water pump at the school, how is water being  
accessed and used?
  -  What amount of water is needed by the community? i.e. large farms?
  -  How can we contact local engineers in Nicaragua?
  -  What is the location and capacity of nearby lakes and rivers?
  -  Was the water being used by the community tested? What were the results?

Matt (new Treasurer) - Thank-you so much for contacting Champlain  
Chocolates and filling out a donation form. (Matt submitted a form  
today asking for about 700-800 chocolate bars to be donated to EWB so  
we can sell them and receive total profits.)

Owen - Thank-you for working so hard on the budget!!!  It can be very  
tedious, I really appreciate it.

Andy - Thank-you for stepping up and becoming the new secretary!   
Please look over the #501 paperwork.  I have emailed the document to  
MJ (the EWB project coordinator) today stating that we are in the  
process of finding a technical lead / mentor and asked if Kristin Berg  
(the lead medical student) could act as our Health Point Person while  
we are on travel.  I will let you know asap about the meeting time  
next week so we can make posters for it.

Jess -  Thank-you for contacting the Vermont Teddy Bear Co.  That will  
be a great, fun, & easy way to fundraise a lot of money quickly!

Please read about the culture in Nicaragua and visit the national  
website and look at designs that other chapters have  
made for similar projects.