I think this would be a great way to get our name out to people with  
similar passions.  Would anyone like to write a short paragraph about  
EWB?  This could also gather community support and create great  
Let me know what you think, we can discuss it at the meeting tonight.
Perkins 211 @ 7:00


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  Subject: club info needed for new alternative (maga)zine
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i am writing on behalf of students for peace and global justice
this semester we are putting together a zine, an alternative publication,
that will compile writings, art news and announcements from throughout
the UVM and Burlington community about environmental/social/economic
justice issues
We want to get other clubs involved but as this is the first issue,
we are planning to start out with some info about:

who you are
where and when you meet
some events that you have planned
what you do overall

if you are interested in the theme of the zine and would like to get
the word about about your club, please email me by thursday afternoon
with your info. also, if this is too last minute and you are still
interested even after that date, please get in touch with me!

we will keep you posted about any developments and keep your eyes out
for the spark!


speak up for fair trade rules
make your voice heard!
join THE BIG NOISE today

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