Below is a message from the project coordinator for EWB-USA.  We have  
been corresponding back and forth for a couple of weeks now.  She said  
that we can apply for this project and begin brainstorming.  We will  
not be able to travel until after we attend the international  
conference.  I am very excited; please give me feedback.  Also, let me  
know what day of the week people are least busy so we can decide what  
night to hold meetings this semester.


Hi Jacquie,

Thanks for responding.  I'm sorry that you haven't had such good luck
working with the Vermont professional chapter.  We have someone applying
for the Peru project and I'm pretty sure it will be granted to them.
You are welcome to apply for it by Jan 22, if you'd like, but I would
recommend applying for the Nicaragua project.  As I recall they have
very similar scopes of work. I've attached their 501 application.  Let
me know what you think.


Mary Jean Jones
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Jacqueline Elizabeth Bell wrote:
> Hi MJ,
>   We have corresponded a lot with the professional chapter in  
> Vermont.  However, the president Carrie has been in California since  
> late august and they have not been recently active.  Currently we  
> are planning fundraisers around campus, ordering fair trade organic  
> coffee to sell, and looking to work with a nearby rotary club.
>   We would like to apply for the project in Peru and get information  
> about it.  We understand we would not be able to work on the project  
> until after the international conference, but if we were granted the  
> peru project we could brainstorm ideas and discuss the project  
> before we began working on it.
>   Thank-you so much for your help.
> Jacquie
> Quoting MJ Jones <[log in to unmask]>:
>> Hi  Jacqueline,
>> It's so great to hear about your enthusiasm and your excitement to
>> begin working on projects.  I know that it is cumbersome to fulfill the
>> requirement of attending a conference before you apply for a project.
>> Did you know about the fall workshops?  We held four of them all across
>> the country.  I'm sorry that you weren't able to make it. We're trying
>> to make it so that our Webinar sessions will count as workshops.  I
>> will get back to you on this - please feel free to bug me about this
>> later!
>> There are a couple of options for you at this point.  You could get
>> involved with a project that the professional chapter is doing,
>> although they were just established in June, so they may not have
>> anything at the moment.  Have you been in contact with the Vermont
>> Professional partners yet?  You can try contacting Carolyn McLaughlin
>> <[log in to unmask]>. It would be beneficial for you to get
>> in touch with them anyway for future partnerships.
>> Another option is to spend your time on a research project.  They are
>> listed here:
>> These are designed such that you design your own scope of work and your
>> own desired time frame for completion, which could range from 1
>> semester to 3 years, for example.
>> You could also try to get involved with an NGO who is looking for a
>> chapter to adopt their project and "shortstop" or intercept the
>> application process.  I have a guy who is interested in providing
>> solutions for a community that was struck by the Typhoon in the
>> Philippines.  I also have a water project in Peru that needs a chapter.
>>  Let me know if you're interested in either of these.
>> So, let me know what you think.  If you did acquire a project, we still
>> would not be able to approve travel or the project until you have
>> attended a workshop.  But, especially with the Philippines project, you
>> may be able to get the project moving faster.  The reason being that
>> most of our projects are in South America because it's cheaper to
>> travel there and more people speak Spanish. Thanks again for your hard
>> work and interest in EWB!
>> MJ
>> Mary Jean Jones
>> Project Manager
>> 1880 Industrial Circle, Suite B-3
>> Longmont, CO 80501
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>> Jacqueline Elizabeth Bell wrote:
>>> Hi MJ,
>>>  Last April I started a student chapter of EWB at the University  
>>> of  Vermont.  We have held several unofficial meetings to generate  
>>>  interest and we have invited
>>> guest speakers to speak to our group.  I have mailed form #302   
>>> which was signed by our director of student life to the EWB   
>>> headquarters and emailed the #303 contact form.  We are in the   
>>> developing chapter stage.
>>>  Ms. Tracey Beaver sent me your contact information.  As a new   
>>> chapter we are looking for a project to begin working on.  There   
>>> are several open projects listed on the EWB-USA website, but we  
>>> are  unable to apply for them until we attend a workshop.   
>>> Unfortunately  the next workshop is not until April (the  
>>> International  Conference); which we look forward to attending.   
>>> Are there any  projects or organizations near Burlington, VT that  
>>> we could work  with until April?  We are extremely excited to  
>>> begin working  together and becoming EWB members.
>>> Thank-you,
>>> Jacqueline Bell

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