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A Message to To Potential 18th Annual Conference Presenters from Celane McWhorter
If you are rushing to get your presentation proposal in before the Jan. 15 deadline, you will be happy to know that you have additional time.   To accommodate the number of you who have called with problems with Monday's deadline, we will EXTEND THE DATE TO FEBRUARY 15.
Please know that February 15 is a firm deadline, for the review committee will need all of the month that follows to review  the proposals by March 15.   
We thank those of you who plan to meet the Jan. 15 deadline, and offer to you the opportunity to revise your proposal, if you feel as if the tight deadline in any way hampered your proposal.
Let me remind you that you can download a copy of the RFP from the APSE website (www.apse.org).  We encourage you to take advantage of the on-line submission for your ease as well as that of the review team.
                                Celane McWhorter, Executive Director
                            APSE: The Network on Employment
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