In Marshfield, we have municipal tax due in August and education tax due in November.  Do we have a choice, or is the payment going to be credited to the education tax payment?

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Q. If a town has installment payments for the property tax bill, will the property tax adjustment be applied to the first installment or prorated across all payments?

A. There is a town option.  Town may apply the property tax adjustment

    1.  to the current year property taxes in order; or

    1.   to the current year property taxes pro rata.

For example, Mr. As property tax bill is $4,000, he receives $2,400 property tax adjustment, and the town has four $1,000 installment payments . The town may elect to apply the property tax adjustment to pay in full the first and second installments with the remaining $400 applied to the third installment (in order), or the town could elect to apply the property tax adjustment pro rata by crediting $600 to each installment.


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Ever since I read the legislation that gives voters the choice of lump sum payment of the rebate/prebate or spreading it out equally over the payments  the wording has bothered me.  The legislation says " tax installments in order"  To me that means in order, first one then two then three, etc.  The the legislation says "...or pro rata."  That means proportionately according to an exactly calculable factor--that is spread out even over payment one, two, three etc.  So I've never seen the choice, have they mistakenly said the same thing twice using different terms. 
Would someone weigh in on this, please?
Marianne in Windsor

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