Roxbury also has the NEMRC software.  The computer does most of the work, I
hardly have to think.  The software covers the current taxes and the
delinquent taxes.  NEMRC has a website that you can check out:
WWW.NEMRC.COM <> .  Roxbury purchased several software
and paid for them over a couple of years.


The program stays in the Office - it is connected to the Grand List so the
Listers use it.  Also the Collector of Current Taxes may not be the same
person as the Collector of Delinquent Taxes so it needs to be in a neutral


The software prints out all reports and delinquent & interest bills, keeps
track of credits, processes interest and penalties and much more.


If you have any further questions, Nancy, just give me a call.


Tammy Legacy

Town of Roxbury



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In Richford we use the tax administration part of NEMRC.  It works fine,
especially here as our charter makes me the delinquent tax collector as well
as the current tax collector.  


Gary in Richford 

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Hi, Questions regarding a collector of delinquent taxes:


1. Do any towns have a delinquent tax collector program that will figure
penalty, monthly interest and  print delinquent bills?


2.  If so, is this a purchased program specifically for delinquencies?
or  done on a spread sheet?   If a purchased program then,  what is the name
of it and approximately how much?


3.  Does collector of delinquent taxes work out of home or in the town
office?  Does the program stay in the town office or go with the collector?


Thanks for you help.  Nancy