Hi All,  
We are receiving many questions this week about petitions to renew the
property tax exemptions of volunteer fire and rescue properties.  Since it
appears that many of these organizations have tax exemptions that may be
expiring this year I have attached the law and sample petition language
below.  Note that selectboards can choose to add such an article to the Town
Meeting Warning on its own motion, without requiring a petition.
I hope this is helpful.

32 VSA  3840. Charitable and fraternal organizations

When a society or body of persons associated for a charitable purpose, in
whole or in part, including fraternal organizations, volunteer fire, and
ambulance or rescue companies, owns real estate used exclusively for the
purposes of such society, body or organization, such real estate may be
exempted from taxation, either in whole or in part, for a period not
exceeding ten years, if the town so votes. Upon the expiration of such
exemption, a town may vote additional periods of exemption not exceeding
five years each. (Amended 1961, No. 24, eff. March 17, 1961; 1975, No. 156
(Adj. Sess.),  1.)


A petition (which needs to be signed by 5% of the voters) could look like


We the undersigned voters of the Town of ________ here by petition the
selectboard to put the following article on the town meeting warning:

Article 1.  Shall the voters vote to exempt for a period of five years the
property which is located _________, and which is owned by _________  and is
used exclusively for the purposes of such organization.




Deborah Markowitz

Secretary of State 

26  Terrace Street

Montpelier, Vermont 05602