I’m unable to attend after all.  I sent a note with my donation for Birdie’s gift.  Thanks, Beth


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If you are planning to attend the Woodford meeting and Birdie's retirement on Friday, please respond to so we may plan for set up.  Thanks,  Nancy 


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Dear County Clerks, Treasurers, assistants and friends. 


You are all welcomed to join us on Friday, January 12th at 2:00 p.m. in the Woodford Town Office.  We would like to honor Birdie Wyman on her retirement.  She has been a clerk for many, many years and member of VMCTA and Bennington County Clerks & Treasurers.  With a $6.00 donation from everyone we are planning to get her a framed Norman Rockwell print of the town clerk selling a marriage license.  If you could bring a snack to share, beverages will be provided.   Also on the agenda, I would like to discuss any new legislative proposals, the new downloads from tax department for tax bill credits and the biennial purging of the checklist.  Hope to see many of you there!   Nancy







December 19th message

 On Friday, January 12th a county meeting has been scheduled for 2:00 p.m. at Woodford Town Office.  Joyce, "Birdie" Wyman, a soon to be retired (Dec 29th) town clerk, will  be joining us.   More information will follow after 1/1/07.   Please mark your calendars and hope to see you there!  Nancy Bushika