The VLCT is going to issue a change in advice on this.  The selectboard must
warn the article to be answered Yes or No.  See 17 V.S.A.§2681(f), so the
board can either ask the voters to approve “in order” in the article or they
can write the article to ask for approval of “pro rata”.


Best. Kathy


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Below is advice from the VLCT.  Read the article carefully.  How could a
voter vote "yes" or "no" on such a worded article?  We have been told by the
Sec. of State's office that Australian ballot articles can only call for a
"yes" or "no" vote.  Please someone, officially weigh in on this.

Marianne in Windsor

Do you have a sample warning article for this vote?

The following article could be used:


Shall amounts allocated to current year property taxes under the State of
Vermont's Homestead Property Tax Income Sensitivity Program be applied to
the taxpayers' property tax installments in order or pro rata, in accordance
with 32 V.S.A. § 6066a(f)(1)?


To minimize the voter confusion that this question is likely to generate, we
recommend that the town report include a brief explanation of the property
tax income sensitivity program and the examples of "in order" and "pro rata"
provided above.

Stephanie A. Smith


Stephanie A. Smith

Senior Associate, Municipal Assistance Center

VT League of Cities and Towns