Yes, the one-year term for schoolboard is the remainder of a three-year term.  Thanks for the clarification,
Lisa Barrett
Town of Lyndon
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Good morning Lisa,


Question:  The school board can’t have a 1, 2, & year, Do you mean 1 or 2 years remaining of a 3 year term—when two additional school board members are added to form a 5 member board, the 2 must each be for the same length term either 1 or 2 years.


So one of the two terms should be a “remaining of a X year term.”


Meanwhile, any voter can circulate as many petitions for as many different offices as he or she wants to circulate and to file.  We had one fellow submit petitions for every town office in one town one year. 


Generally however, you are correct to assume that the person wants to wait until the last minute to decide which seat to file for—and this is permissible.  If a person submits for both positions, he can be on the ballot for both but could only accept one even if elected to both so that would create a vacancy that the board would then fill unless voters petitioned for a special election.


If you or your voters are really unhappy with the process, you could discuss a change with your legislators.  However, the requirement for signatures is so low—30 or 1% of checklist—that I don’t think there is any danger of running out of voters to sign.


Best, Kathy


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We have two selectboard positions (a 1 yr. and a 3 yr.) and three schoolboard positions (1,2,& 3 year) up for election at Town Meeting.  We elect officers by Australian ballot.  Can candidates circulate more than one petition (one for the 1 yr. term and another for the 3 yr. term) for the same office and then decide when they bring back the signed petitions which one they will be running for (based on who else happens to have submitted a petition for that seat)?  I think this is a disservice to those being asked to sign the petitions since it would prevent them from being able to sign any other petitions for those seats, but I can't find anything in the statutes about it.


Lisa Barrett

Town of Lyndon