Since MARY JANE GRACE is tuning in this morning, I have something I'd like to have her share with us.
I have already started getting calls about the prebates (as in it's MY money) coming to the town - meanwhile "I pay my taxes every month to the escrow company so my taxes have already been paid!!!!"
(t's hard to believe that we can be even more disgusted with the leg than we were before.)
My response is that I think it's totally insane, but I have NO control over it whatsoever.
I further encourage these people to call the leg.  The ones who are calling now are smart enough to understand how it will be affecting them personally so at least comprehend what's happening.  But I can foresee hours of these calls  ugh!
It's hard enough to try to get my work done without call after call after call.
Any suggestions about handling this quickly?  In a small town, it's not appropriate to blow these people off.
Miki, Townshend Treasurer