On Jan 18, 2007, at 5:23 PM, Justin Woods wrote:

> um, was it me or was that pretty dang good, wes?  i think you said,  
> "better
> than xxxxx."


On Jan 18, 2007, at 12:18 PM, Marc Chrusch wrote:

> Roger blasphemed:
>> Amazing.  By that I mean the fact that Mansfield and Stark  
>> supposedly and amazingly recieved no
>> crust effect from Monday's icestorm, yet Bolton had the worst kind  
>> of crust.
> While anything is certainly possible with NE weather, it sometimes  
> seems that the StarkMan loyalistas are loath to admit crappy  
> conditions, although I see in one of the replies that resident poet  
> JW did mention it.

According to my sources, both Mansfield and Stark's did receive  
crust. Distribution was uneven, and more prominent on the lower  
mountains. Stowe mountain resort tried blasting theirs away with  
pisteurs de dammage, while Mad River loyalistas lovingly crushed each  
death cookie by hand into pulverized powder. Analyzing the results,  
my source weighed in on the side of the MRG approach, which left  
agreeable conditions over most of the terrain accessed by the double.  
However, my source does confess to enjoying conditions at both  
venues, and would recommend either, but notes that Mad RIver might  
represent the better value for you ski dollar.

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