Jim took it in stride while I probably would've tried to strangle my ski. 
The otherside to the story is that on the previous run, Jim pulled up next
to me and was saying that his binding felt loose or something felt wrong. 
Next run it falls off.  Makes me wonder because I'm sure we've all had those
times where something doesn't feel right...toe piece has a little too much
play in it or something.  I always ignore the feeling till it breaks which
is probably not the right approach.  My friends have had to walk out or ski
on one ski several times.

Like Wes said, its better than your knee snapping in half.


On Wed, 17 Jan 2007 06:39:14 -0500, Jumpin_Jimmy <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>Such was the case recently at Stowe. I was happily shussing the powdery
bumps at the top,
>heading for another fun fluffy run on Chinclip. Lo, a sweet tele babe comes
into view below me,
>stopping to admire me, a kindred soul free-heeling towards her...when
suddenly, my heroics turn
>into antics, as my 7tm steel toe plate explodes at the exactly wrong
moment. The ensuing fall was
>rather spectacular...
>Instantly I go from free-heel hero to telemark gomer. As I stagger to my
feet and I dust myself off,
>the pretty young tele babe just skis off, seemingly immune to the "we are
in this together" mantra
>of telemark.
>Scott Bratten, his sister, and a strange fellow in a plaid suit that
reminded me of Barney waited to
>see if I was OK (thanks guys!). I said yes, but my ego wasn't done being
spanked. I had to walk
>most of the way down Mt. Mansfield holding my silly ski/binding combo on my

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