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>With Sugarbush reporting sleet/mix at 11:30, and Smuggs downgrading
>their estimate.  What's the real story behind tomorrow's conditions? It
>sounds like this storm will definitely not open up the woods (though may
>be heavy enough to be of some benefit by weighing down to-be submerged
>sticks.)  Will the natural snow trails be great tomorrow?

4-6" of snow on top of the several inches from yesterday fell through this
morning before the precipitation changed to sleet and remained that way for
the greater portion of the day.  No freezing rain fell and there was no
crust.  The snow suffered no true damage except that sleet doesn't
accumulate like flakes.  Skied with a lot of people and here are a few
photos of them all.

Dave on Nosedive...wall to wall boot deep powder in the morning.
Dave in the trees...

Pete in the pow...

Scott Danis cruises through the trees...

Jim Clapp...

Little Justin...

Telenaut likes powder...

Fun day and tomorrow will be my 5th day out of the last 6 days...starting to
get tired ;)  Fun to meet up with everyone today at some point in time.


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