Too tired to make a full post but...



Lister Aaron L.

All I knew this morning was that it was film time and although the gondola
was going to have a delayed opening due to wind (opened at 9:15 or so), a
couple cabins slowly made their way down the line to pick us up at 8:15am
along with a couple patrollers.  Riding the gondola without seeing a single
other cabin on the line presents an odd feeling.  Upper Chin Clip had only a
couple tracks from those who skinned the day before and the wind had whipped
up some pretty good drifts (i.e. first photo).  It was fun.

Then we met up with Dylan G. and friend Andy...both of which we skied with
all day long.

I'll post my shots and a couple vid clips of Dylan and Aaron launching a
cliff I found a few days ago.  Meanwhile, for those who want a short summary
of the day, these two photos should take care of it.  Blue skies, deep
powder in the usual places, and the mountain is finally coming to life. 
Upslope snowstorms are the best...



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