Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 09:48:04 -0500
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Itís still dumping here in Burlington, and on the radar, it almost looks like Lake Champlain is helping to enhance the snowfall with the way the wind direction is situated.  Iím sure Scott will comment if anything like that is actually happening, but we are getting plastered pretty nicely here with big fluffy flakes.


I Just heard the VPR Eye on the Sky noontime update and Chris Bouchard confirmed that the snowfall we're seeing here in Burlington is indeed Champlain Lake effect snow that is being caused by the NNW wind over the lake.  It's been snowing steadily here all morning, so I took a quick walk outside to see what the accumulations are like.  The UVM area looks to have picked up a bonus 2-4 inches of fluffy lake-effect snow so far, and the steady snowfall continues.  It's very pretty stuff.  Chris Bouchard said the lake-effect snow was likely to continue until the wind direction shifted, so there may be more to come.  I'm not sure if this is helping out the local mountains at all, but it probably can't hurt to saturate the local atmosphere with more moisture in the form of snow.  It certainly sets the mood for January here in the Burlington area.




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