Well, it looks like the effects of our weekend system have finally wound down, so here’s the summary of what we got in our neck of the woods.  Since Sunday’s sleet session, we’ve picked up another couple inches of fluffy stuff.  I took a snowboard reading at midnight last night (0.3 inches of snow for the evening), and since then there’s only been an immeasurable dusting.  Today is clear and blue (and cold) so it looks like I can put this one in the books and get ready for the next cycle this weekend.  We picked up a total of 6.9 inches of frozen precipitation out of the event, with most of it snow, but some sleet on Sunday.  That storm accumulation actually ties the Dec 30-31st snowfall event for the biggest of the season.  We’re now at 33.5 inches of total accumulated snowfall for ’06-‘07.  The valley snowpack that I’ve seen throughout my travels in the Waterbury and Burlington areas looks decent all around (typical grassy surfaces seem covered).  Last night we bottomed out at -5.4 degrees F, which is our coldest reading of the season.  I’m ready for the next round this weekend – I’m not sure how much we’ll get around here, but it does look like whatever comes down this time will be more on the snowy side.



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