|--==> "GJW" == Galen Justus Wilkerson <[log in to unmask]> writes:

  GJW> Heya,
  GJW> Anyone interested in doing something like this during a normal CSSA meeting?

  GJW> I know for myself I would prefer to use my linux partition, but don't
  GJW> have the time to get wireless working, use the CD/DVD burner, etc.  I
  GJW> would really be sad to give my whole laptop disk to Bill.  :)

  GJW> Galen

Hi Galen and CSSA,

I would love to help out with this sort of thing. Though I am
still learning all the time, I have been running Linux for eight
years now and am sure I could contribute something positive to an
Install Fest.

This also brings up something UVM IEEE has discussed at recent
meetings. We have been considering conducting some introductory
presentations on topics such as Malab programming, circuit
simulation, Emacs, LaTeX etc. and have wondered if CSSA might be
interested in co-sponsoring some of the events. There seems to be
a need for underclassmen to acquaint themselves better, and
earlier, with the professional tools available to us. It would be
nice to recruit more members too!

Cheers, Andrew

Andrew Laing <[log in to unmask]>
  ``The clothes have no emperor.''
                -- C.A.R. Hoare