Pardon all the email.

How about this:

Invite students/faculty from other colleges in Burlington to have  
seminars on topics related to CS (Not to forget IBM and other  
interesting local institutions too.)

Maybe ACM/CSSA can just continue what is already going on, but also  
invite these other people. (Don't forget nearby Montreal either, my  
project might start to collaborate with them too, and they probably  
bring some interesting ideas into the mix).  Also, I would mention  
that there are some informatics things going on in the med school.


Quoting Alba Gabriela Garay Romero <[log in to unmask]>:

> Hello Everyone!!!
> Since the last year, the idea of creating an ACM Student Chapter has  
>  been in the
> air for a while. We need at least 10 students for that activity and the
> Department probably can help us with the membership's fee.
> There are options to access e-courses, have an alias, have access to  
>  important
> papers, etc.
> If you as a CS Major or Minor Student would like to know more about   
> ACM, please
> check this link out for a general information:
> And this one for what would be needed to create the chapter:
> Send me an email- [log in to unmask] -if you feel interested. Thanks,
> Gabriela
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