Hi Angelica!!!

It is good to hear from you and all the ideas you have given to us about
organizing this activity... Would you have time to help us out with something if
we can organize the event?

I don't think anything like this has been organized since 2003...and it seems
there is a general interest...

What the rest of the CSSA Mailing List think about the right time for this

Please, share your thoughts,

Thanks, Angelica!!!


Quoting "A. N." <[log in to unmask]>:

> I don't post much but I listen.  I led the first Linux install party at UVM
> in 2003.  I'm not offering to lead this time.  I'm no longer a student there.
>  But I'm glad that you're thinking of holding another event such as this.  At
> that time, other students, mostly CS grad students, were holding events on
> topics such as Emacs and GCC. 
>   I don't know if there have been other Linux events since the one in 2003. 
> My only source of news is the CSSA list and occasional meetings with UVM
> folks I know.
>   The first event had the following format:
>   On Thursday or Friday, there was a demonstration of an install on one of my
> test machines.  The test machine had WIndows 98 on it because the Windows
> pagefile is more easily managed that way.  The test machine also had a Rage
> Pro video card because I wanted people to see the video problem that often
> occurs with an install and how to fix it the long way with xf86config.  I was
> stacking the deck in order to demonstrate as much as I could.  This took 2
> hours and attracted considerable attention from people I had never met - I
> assume, grad students. 
>   Then on Saturday, I had the Library cafe area reserved, with refreshments,
> and had asked people to bring their PCs and laptops.  I brought multiple
> copies of Red Hat, SuSE, and Knoppix, and we installed together on several
> machines, helping each other as problems arose.  Other people brought Debian
> and several other Linux versions.  We were there about 4-6 hours.  The
> advantage of the cafe was the internet connection, the tables and the space. 
> However, there were about 1/4 of the people at this event than the first.  
>   The main issue that arose during installation was the video problem,
> especially with laptops.  I will look for my notes on video issues because
> they are still common,and will post them when I find them.  
>   I wish you all the best with this one!
>   Angelica Nelson (married name)
> Galen Justus Wilkerson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>   Yes,
> and I think it would also be fun and interesting to invite down people 
> from ACM at McGill or UQAM, etc.
> or this looks interesting:
> Maybe just send an open invitation for them to come present their 
> projects and talk about their department. We could offer to hot them, 
> etc.
> Galen
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