I'm happy you want me involved in the project... but a couple things:

-- I'm male... I've attached a picture to help clear things up!

-- I have a regular commitment on Wednesday evenings, so can't make the meeting tomorrow.  I'm happy to work with my schedule to make future meetings, but more notice would be helpful.

Terry Barrett

On 2/20/07, Jacqueline Elizabeth Bell <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

   We will be holding a meeting tomorrow night at 7:00 in Votey 211.
We will have two professional members attending, Terry Barret and
Margaret McMorrow.  They are interested to learn about our chapter and
our Nicaragua project.  Terry has volunteered to be our technical lead
for the project.  She has a BSME (RPI'93) and has worked for a couple
years in an engineering consulting firm before joining IBM and working
for some years in equipment engineering and microlithography.  From
'03-'05 she tried something different, studying Tibetan language at
UVa for six months and then two years in India, Nepal, and Tibet, with
monks and nuns at monastic colleges and monasteries.  Now she's back
at IBM working in optical engineering, simulating and characterizing
image sensor chips for digital cameras.
   Margaret is is hoping to get involved more with the professional
chapter in Vermont as well.  She plans on attending the International
Conference with us.

   At tomorrow's meeting we will discuss and register for the
International Conference.  We can go to the computer lab after the
meeting and register online together, depending on our funding limit.
Matt -  how was the meeting with SGA?  What do they cover?  Do we need
to speak to Dan Harvey in the dean's office?
   Andy & Shanta - Is Mandar available to come to give a short talk on
soils as a guest speaker?  Do you have his email, I could write him a
formal invitation.
   Please continue to do your own research on solar-powered water
pumps and projects similar to ours.

   Jess - Is there a schedule for when we are able to volunteer at the
Teddy Bear factory to fundraise?
    Matt - Have we determined when to order the bagels/ breakfast
sandwiches?  Were you able to speak to Feel Good?

See you tomorrow!