Japanese House no minasan,

How was "mamemaki" yesterday?  Hope you had a lot of fun.

I am finalizing the workshop activities and I would like to know when would be the good time to have a flower arranging workshop.
I haven't asked Kimiko-san (the instructor) yet, but I would like to choose the time most of the members could join. 
Last semester, when we had the tea ceremony workshop, Thursday 3:30-4:20, most of you seemed to be able to come. Does that time work for most of you?  Please let me know. If this hour works for most of you, I will try to have other workshops in this hour, too.

I remember that you are talking about the taiko(Japanese drum)?  Would you like to have Stuart Paton at uvm or would you like to go to the dojo (208 Flynn Ave. Burlington)

Information about Stuart Paton:

tuart Paton grew up in Tokyo, Japan and has been drumming since 1978 on congas, taiko, djembé, and bata.  He started teaching in Vermont in 1986 is co-founder and musical director of Compańa Dancers and Drummers (Cuban-Haitian), Burlington Taiko Group (Japanese), and Orchesta Guayoyo (Cuban-Haitian) and was also co-founder and musical director for Sambatucada (Brazilian).  Stuart has also played with Kilamanjaro (jazz), Jeh Kulu Dance and Drum Ensemble (West African), San Francisco Taiko Dojo (Japanese), and the Sklar-Grippo Jazz Band.

Have a good Sunday!



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