Japanese House no minasan,

I have a couple of girl's yukata and a couple of boy's, too. I have also happy coats. Let me know if you want to use them.



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On Feb 27, 2007, at 3:26 PM, Jihei Chang wrote:

Maybe we can wear our Yukata too at the program fair.
Too bad we don't have any boys yukata.
I have one, and Heidi has many, so maybe we can all wear one?
I have class till 5pm and then work, so I don't think I can make it to the fair,
however if anyone wants to wear my yukata let me know. :)


Quoting Kazuko Suzuki <[log in to unmask]>:

Arigatou! The fair is on Wednesday, March 7 from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. in
the L/L Fireplace Lounge.
Surely, please think of some ideas. Thank you Heidi for taking the lead.
Corson-sensei and I will need to submit a request form by March 2nd
(!!!) in which we can request a small round table, half of a long (8')
table, electricity, wall space, audio-vidual material(we will need to
arrange through the media services), and supplies-white poster board,
roll paper, stencils, markers, etc).
They also look for volunteers who would help set up 1:30-2:30pm and
clean up 6-7pm.
Please contact Heidi regarding your ideas and the needs/volunteer
mentioned above for the request form. Heidi, please let Corson-sensei
or myself know by March 2nd noon. Yes, it is this Friday.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu,
Kazuko Suzuki
Japanese Language Program
Japanese House Program
University of Vermont
479 Main St.
Burlington, VT 05405

Quoting "Heidi Satomi. Shimada" <[log in to unmask]>:

Hey guys,
So apparently the Program fair is next week Wednesday and there's
usually a competition between all of the programs for various things.
Program fair is a day when all of the L/L programs get together in the
Fireplace Lounge and advertise their goods.  This is important because
as you know, you have to apply for a program to live there (so don't
forget to apply!!).  Usually room selections are only a couple weeks
after the program fair so this is a good chance to show what we have.
If you have any ideas of what you want to do, e-mail them to me...or
tell me...whichever one is more convenient.  L/L usually provides us
with a table and two chairs usually.  If we need anything like
cardboard or poster board, they usually provide that too.  I was
thinking that we should update our board that the Japanese House made
like 3 years ago (or so).

Another thing is that since my computer crashed, I lost a lot of
things.  If you guys wanted a movie, I don't remember what it was.
Please e-mail me ASAP.  Also, if you wanted to plan something this
semester, tell me so we can get the ball rolling. I'm finalizing plans
for a haiku workshop in late March.  We're also having a No English
dinner on 4/15 from 6-8pm.  It's potluck style so all we need to do is
show up with something.  I think it's going to be Global Village
sponsored so we should get a budget as to how much we can spend.

Anything else???