Hi Sylvia,

We bought two document cameras last year and purposely bought two different models to test the pros and cons of different features relative to price.  

The document cameras are hot items at the school, and everyone is always trying to borrow them for meetings, as well as for class use.  I'll definitely buy more next year. 

We bought one that was slightly over $700 (the lower end Elmo).  It is by far the favorite, becuase it's so easy to set up.  Plop it open and its ready to go.  But it does not 'take pictures".  I'm thinking that probably some screen capture software could compenstate for that but I have not tried yet.   I'll have to check the exact model we have when I'm back at school, but here are some models that look similar from a quick web search

The second model we bought was and and avermedia gooseneck model for around $400 or so. Again I'll have to check the model.  People hated it at first because it was harder to get use to.  You had to play with the gooseneck to get it just right for paper. (People were not using it for science or other non paper use). ANd try to get the zoom just right.  They weren't using the photo capture availability (It stored 4 pictures w/o software.  More with software install).   Due to the diligence of one tech savvy and persistent 'lead teacher coach", it is now being used more regularly. But she has figured out the quirks and is usually there when its used.    She is even starting to use the "picture" taking ability to compare work samples, and do compare and contrast within a classroom environment. 

That is our experience,  let me know what you find out.

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One of our schools is looking to purchase one or two document cameras.  I have tried to find reviews, but they are few and far between.   Anyone out there have any experience (good, bad or ugly) with either the avermedia or elmo models?  We would like to stay with the <$600 models, but want to make sure the quality is there.  

I am looking for feedback on both ease of use and image quality.


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