Hello all,


Here's the latest concerning the Tech Conference.  We've narrowed the
date down to April 13th (mark your calendars).  South Burlington will be
hosting the conference at the SB High School.  Adam Provost has accepted
being the MC (along with the crying velvet Elvis poster).  Gary Kessler
will be our keynote speaker. this 2007, or 2005?


Here's the remaining agenda topics we need to decide on at the next


Open Source Tools for Windows

Open Source Server Applications

VM Ware and Virtual Servers

Storage Solutions

Remote Access Options

Wireless Security (is that an oxymoron??) VLANS Data Survey Results
Course Management Systems APPLE Update


A question from Gary Kessler concerning keynote topics:


Is this a topic -- i.e., protocols and packet sniffers -- that you would
like to hear about? *I* think it's useful but is it interesting to your
crowd? If I do this topic, I am thinking that it would a little be on
why to use packet sniffers, what you can learn, and examine some real
protocol traffic... How's that sound?>> My perspective is that a broader
topic might be of more interest to the entire group, but we can discuss
that at our next meeting.


What do people think about that?


Our next pizza meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 15th.  We'd
love to - not see you there - as we have several openings that still
need to be filled.  ;-)




Steve Walker

District Network Services Coordinator

South Burlington School District

550 Dorset Street

South Burlington, VT 05403

(802) 652-7297


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