I use WSUS on several of the networks that I support. Just have the teachers leave the computer (like every Wednesday) and have the updates run then. With GPO you can schedule it all.

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Dear List:
When auto update first came out, I was skeptical and waited either 6 months or a year before I started using it. It is however a big time saver, as doing the entire building here would take about 16 hours. Servers are still manual update.
Anyway, I was in a 3rd grade classroom one day (serendipitously) when the laptop cart laptops were rebooting from updates. This was December maybe, and I had had a complaint about it from a 7th grade teacher in November. It is hard enough getting the laptops out, logged on, and the kids focused, adding a reboot in the middle is salt on a open wound.
Just today our HS tech teacher said auto updates were inconvenient as well.
"Often, students will be in the middle of an assignment when this happens (I've even had it happen in the middle of timed typing tests, and once during the mid-term). A dialog box pops up, with a "Restart now" and "Restart Later" button, except the "Restart Later" button is inactive."
Additionally, I noted yesterday on an update & shutdown situation. The machine ran for a few mins and then a dialog popped up that said it was reallocating virtual memory. After that the machine seemed to shutdown fine (I didn't stick around) it is a 9 year old machine so that could be related. But I wonder if I had not been there to hit OK on the dialog, if the machine would have just idled.
I have begun running the updates manually on the laptops and might either do that in the stationary lab, or set the updates to run at 3pm.
Just looking for others experience and thoughts.
Is the 'restart later' option permissions related? These would be power users ...

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