From Carolyn Dean's website:

"1993: Apprenticeship with Dr. Walter Fischman in Chinese Herbal Medicine, 
Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Preparation of MIHR Formulas,
1990: Trained in the MIHR Technique (Magnetically Influenced Homeopathic 

Obviously another quack.  Thank you, Michael, for picking up on that.

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The NIH link you provide only confirms my statement. The use of adult stem
cells to grow organs remains only a twinkle in the eye of researchers. Read
it again.

As for the "alleged" cause of AIDS, your statement speaks for itself.

Carolyn Dean is a well-known quack.

I will be interested to hear others' comments on these matters.


On 2/15/07, Jonathan Campbell <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>  Michael,
>       You rant, you rave, but you are the one who makes statements without
>evidence. These are well-known, published materials. Just because you don't
>know about them doesn't make them false.
>1. Death by Medicine, published in Life Extension Magazine, based on the
>research of Dr. Carolyn Dean and others, and eventually published in the
>book Death by Modern Medicine.
>2. Adult Stem Cells:
>I would add: the search for the "AIDS vaccine" is pure crap. There is no
>such thing, because the alleged cause of AIDS (HIV) has never been isolated
>in quantities. Almost the entire focus of the "AIDS industry" is more toxic
>drugs such as Nevirapine.
>Finally, it is the isolation of Marxism from practical democratic life
>that tore it to shreds. Lenin, in his fervor to create a socialist state,
>created the mechanism for its destruction and eventually the destruction of
>every socialist revolution. See Braverman, Labor and Monopoly Capital for
>the explanation.
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>*Subject:* Re: Mitchel's Marxism & the Environment talk now on-line
>This post from Jonathan Campbell is an example, to me anyway, of the
>absolute contempt that some so-called leftists have not just for
>science--which could, just perhaps, be justified by the abuses of
>science--but for any standards of evidence whatsoever when it comes to
>argumentation and debate. In other words, first comes the politics, and 
>the "facts" to back them up. Is this any different from the way the Bush
>administration justified the war in Iraq? Not in my view.
>Let's just take one of Jonathan's statements:
>"Why is it that there is no interest in ADULT stem cells, which really can
>obtained easily (from the patient's intestines) and used easily and
>relatively cheaply to re-grow organs?"
>Every single clause in this sentence is factually incorrect. If it is so
>easy to grow organs from adult stem cells, perhaps Jonathan would like to
>tell us where this is actually being done.
>As for the pharmaceutical industry, it has a lot to answer for. But do we
>base our policies on taking the exact opposite position from everything it
>does? How about the attempts to find an AIDS vaccine. Obviously pernicious,
>and must mean that a pure leftist should be for continuing the epidemic,
>In sum, this is the kind of infantile, ignorant, knee-jerk, no-nothing
>leftism that has landed the American left in the toilet for the past 30
>years where it will stay until those who want to impress us with how hard
>they work and how tirelessly they engage in the struggle actually get their
>brains in gear and start acting and thinking in the real world.
>Sorry for the rant, but we had a dream once and too many leftists have
>turned it into a fantasy with this kind of crap.
>On 2/15/07, Jonathan Campbell <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> >
> > The person with chuzpah around here is the Marxist Expert from the
> > Columbian
> > White Tower.
> >
> > Mitchel at least is at least DOING something good for the world
> > (actually
> > many things) and I think his critique of Marxist philosophy with regard
> > to
> > capitalist progress is right on the money.
> >
> > Louis, here is something to chew on philosophically (I understand you
> > have
> > almost a PhD in this): why are so many extremely wealthy capitalists and
> > capitalist foundations connected to the pharmaceutical industry
> > interested
> > in a technology (embryonic stem cells) that is supposed to really solve
> > diseases, when the primary business model of the pharmaceutical industry
> > is
> > long term illness maintenance, having nothing to do with cures or
> > effective
> > curative treatment? Why are prominent leftists lining up as a cheering
> > squad
> > along with the capitalists for this new technology?
> >
> > Why is it that there is no interest in ADULT stem cells, which really
> > can be
> > obtained easily (from the patient's intestines) and used easily and
> > relatively cheaply to re-grow organs?
> >
> > Why is the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry so intent on regulating
> > natural supplements (via Codex) when "modern medicine" is the leading
> > cause
> > of death in the US (>650,000 per year) and the leading cause of injury
> > (millions per year), while the number of people who have died as a
> > result of
> > natural supplements is less than a hundred per year, almost exclusively
> > the
> > result of not following the label and/or sheer stupidity.
> >
> > Jonathan
> >
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> > Subject: Re: Mitchel's Marxism & the Environment talk now on-line
> >
> >
> > > >Stan Goff has kindly posted the talk I gave on January 26, 2007, at
> > > >Bertell Ollman's Marxism Seminar, at
> > >>
> > >>
> > >>
> > >>You can read the entire talk there -- including the parts that I had
> > to
> > >>excise due to time constraints (concerning stem cell research and the
> > >>left) and also post your own comments.
> > >>
> > >>Thanx.
> > >>
> > >>Mitchel
> > >
> > > Amazing. Not a single reference to John Bellamy Foster, Paul Burkett,
> > > James O'Connor or Mike Davis.
> > >
> > > What chutzpah.
> > >
> > > --
> > >
> > >
> > >
> >
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