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Boucher: a critique

<>Paul Burkett's 
"Marx and Nature"


Mexico, and the USA

<>Cattle and 

<>Barry Commoner

AIDS and ecology

Katrina: a Marxist analysis

Diamond's Collapse, part one

Diamond's Collapse, part two

Diamond's Collapse, part three

Diamond's Collapse, conclusion

<>PBS series 
on "Guns, Germs and Steel": part one

<>PBS series 
on "Guns, Germs and Steel": part two

<>PBS series 
on "Guns, Germs and Steel": part three (conclusion)


and Dialectical Materialism

<>Ecology in 
the USSR

Bellamy Foster on the Marx-Liebeg connection

Bellamy Foster's "Marx's Ecology"

Foster-O'Connor Rhubarb

<>Stephen Jay Gould


Harvey: a critique

Harvey, Leibniz and Marx

Harvey, James O'Connor and Engels' "Conditions of the Working Class in England"

versus ecology

<>Malthus revisited

<>Nazi "ecology"

Marxism and ecology

<>A Red-Green 

<>Alan Sokal and 

and the Hubbert curve

<>Spiked-online update

<>Jeffrey St. Clair's "The 
Politics of Nature"

<>Paul Sweezy on 
the Communist Manifesto and ecology

Unabomber and Kirkpatrick Sale

<>Oprah Winfrey 
and Mad Cow

science and ecology

<>Worldwatch 1997