From: Andy Caffrey <[log in to unmask]>

My fellow Earthlings,

At 12:59 PM today (pacific time) C-SPAN 2 will rebroadcast
yesterday's House Science and Technology committee hearing on the
IPCC report.

It was rebroadcast twice yesterday on C-SPAN 1, and if you miss this
broadcast, check the C-SPAN schedule page throughout this weekend and
into early next week, as they are likely to show it some more, and
the C-Span site changes updates the schedule with scheduling changes
many times throughout a single day. I've found things like this,
including today's rebroadcast, often pop into the schedule at the
last minute.

The hearing begins with Pelosi addressing the committee (check out
the scariest looking Republicans you've ever seen... they live on
this committee. All pro-nuke flat earthers). She wants a 50%
reduction by 2050. And she said that unlike when she joined Congress
20 years ago to fight nuclear power, mostly because of the waste
problem, in light of the carbon crisis, she would consider nuclear as
an option (say, by letting China trade nuclear for coal)

if you miss the first 50 minutes, don't worry about it, it's just the
Pelosi part. The meat of it is when the four IPCC scientists talk
during the following 2 1/4 hours.

And that is following by the insane petro-fascist denial rantings of
the moron Dana Rohrabacher. Scary to see the madness in him, but a
hoot too.

You lose 80% of the energy generated by nukes in the transmission to
the end use.

You can get a 50% reduction in emissions almost immediately with conservation.

The supplies of uranium for nuclear power generation can only last
for one hundred years unless humans go to plutonium-spewing fast
breeder reactors. In which case the next 250,000 years of humanity
will have to tax itself to protect itself from our 100-year nuclear
profligacy, without getting any benefits! To any Republicans reading
this, this is your Big Government Gone Mad!!

Contact Nuclear Nancy and demand No Nukes! Ever! Anywhere! Under any
circumstances! Shut down the nukes or we'll shut y'all down!

Andy Caffrey
Climate Action NOW!